Today’s Gospel from Mark is a repeat of last week’s Gospel from John. A few slight variations. But then why not, two different people are telling the same story, as they saw it. It may have been a different occasion. Or maybe bits of different occasions thrown together. But whatever, you can’t help but be impressed by the ordinariness of the happenings and the detail.

 Neighbours with work to do, but no doubt, time on their hands to be neighbourly

Chatting about fishing, the lake, the weather. 

Perhaps a neighbour who bought a new boat from the Dead Sea?

Fr Jack


I have been there several times. On the streets of Kerry, the fields of Kenya. On Balham High Road. In Chatham dock yards. On the aisles of Morissons. Along Rye Lane. We have all been there one time or another. But did I always invite, challenge or pick their conscience.  Yes, hand on heart, several times. But not always.


As God saw the efforts of the people of Nineveh, hopefully he saw mine.