Jesus tells us, “Take up our cross and follow him.”

This may involve many things. For some there may be a good life.

For others it seems like nothing but bad luck.

A few things we need to remember.

  1. God is not a Santa clause giving out gifts.
  2. Life ain’t fair.¬† The good suffer and the bad seem to get off totally free.
  3. In the beginning man/woman upset the good relationship with God.
  4. Without God suffering makes no sense. With God you have some chance.
  5. Jesus turned suffering around and made it redemptive.
  6. On the cross two thieves suffered like Jesus. BUT one turned to Jesus and the other turned away from Jesus. Equally with us. The choice is ours.

No matter what our circumstances, suffering or otherwise….we can¬†turn TO JESUS OR AWAY FROM JESUS.

Fr Jack