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Graduate, MA( Wildelife&Tourism)

Being a girl born on the 20th, July 1987, second born in a family of three, I grew up looking after the cattle, that my late father had,   as the way of life of a Maasai child. May his soul rest in peace.  I joined primary school – nursery- in the year 1995 when I was eight at Eor Ewuaso primary school. In the year 1996 I joined class one where I was a very bright girl being the leading in all the classes up to class eight where I was the second best.

It was in the year 2003 when I did my class eight exam – Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and scored 301 marks out of 500 marks. Despite the good performance I could not make it to high school since my mother could not raise the required fees and my father had passed on when I was in standard 7 (2002 July).  My step brother promised to educate me but since we were with his daughter in the same class, he suggested that I should repeat class so as to allow his daughter who scored 264 marks to join secondary school first. I did not have any other option other than to repeat class eight in the year 2004. In the same year July, the brother died thus dismissing my hopes of studying in high school. After my examination in year 2004 I scored 344 marks being the second best student in my school and in our Ololulunga Division. My mother could often cry when she sees me hopeless as the other pupils join high school even those having the lowest marks and I being helpless, the worst thing was how my step brothers were well off and none was willing to help.  The family decided that they should call for a fundraising to raise school fees. The Harambee  (pull together)  was held and the money collected amounted only to 16,000 Kenya shillings (about £123) this could not enable me go to school since by then the school fees alone for the first term amounted to 21,000 thousands.  I had no other option other than to join a youth polytechnic and took a course in certificate of tailoring and dressmaking for 2 years. The 16,000 was not even enough for the first year in polytechnic.  Thanks to the manager Mr. KORIR who understood me. This was a miracle to me since I was  not send for fees and during the second year the manager told me that my fees arrears has been settled and that the fees for the second year had been cleared. Up to date I do not know where or who paid my fees in polytechnic.  Throughout the period in polytechnic, I was always praying and trying whether I could get someone to make my dream of going to high school come true. First I visited the Holy Spirit Sisters who were then residing at St. Mary’s parish mission at NAROK.  They helped  me a lot by giving me advice and counselling …… may god bless them whenever they are. They directed me  to the Franciscan sisters who were running several schools in the parish.  I went to them though they told me that they did not have any help and  since they already a lot of children they are sponsoring. During this time I could only say one thing that,  “I want to study”. Some friends laughed at me saying I was just dreaming and where will I get fees from,  I do not know but what I know is that I want to study.  I always replied to them. Something in me was telling me that ‘God’s delays are not God’s denials.’

As I recall  it,  another miracle that our good heavenly God did to me was that of joining high up to the university.  After graduating in polytechnic and come home, I visited Fr. Jack who was then my parish priest. At first, he told me that he had many ‘vijana’ (youth) he was educating. It was then dawning on me that my desire to study was no more. I started questioning GOD “why me?” I saw that no one cares for me. I was so stressed that I wanted to kill myself due to such stress and my great desire. I developed ulcers and was admitted for two days. As I was getting well Fr. Jack asked my brother where I was and whether I had got  school. On hearing this I went to see him on Wednesday 14th 2007. He asked me to look for a school. He also helped me find the best school in Narok. It was like dream because on Monday 19th, 2007 I joined form 1 in Sr. Mary Stephen Nkoitoi secondary. From then I have always been the second best student being the first girl, one boy always was a head of me…the late Samuel Macharia.

I did my KCSE exam in 2010 and scored a mean grade of B+ (plus) which gave me a direct entry to the university.

In the year 2012 I joined Masinde  Muliro University of science and technology and pursued a course on bachelor of business management – accounting option. In conjunction I have been taking a professional course of certified public accounting (CPA) which I did my last section last month and now waiting for result (CPA 6). I graduated from the university last year 2015 December with second class honors upper division. All this I have achieved as a result of Fr. Jack’s effort and sacrifice.

I am still looking forward to take my masters education oversees and be of great change to my community and those who will need my help. Currently I am assisting as a secretary an assistant manager in a mission school in Maasai land where the main objective is to save the vulnerable girl child and to help raise the low education level in the region.

Thank you God. Thank you Fr. Jack, thanks to the church for making me who I am today. May God bless you loving “BABA” (father) only God can measure your kindness to me and many youths in Ololulunga and reward you. Up to date when I close my eyes I do not believe how my life has changed. May the grace and love of God be with you always loving  Dad, Baba.