First Holy Communion Programme


Any child in years 3 to 6 of Primary School is eligible to enrol in the Church Parish of St. James the Great ‘ First Holy Communion Programme.

At least one of the parents must be a baptised Catholic attending Sunday Mass regularly at this church. Children are expected to attend Mass each Sunday during the programme.

It is Also a way for the parents to affirm their own commitment to their faith through supporting their child(ren).

As CIC 931/914 states, it is the parent’s responsibility to prepare their children for First Holy Communion.

The first part of the programme focus is Reconciliation and the preparation that goes for that. This is done through the themes of; Belonging, Listening, Caring and Peacemaking. These are all topics that feed into preparation for the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession), which takes place at the beginning of Lent.

The second part until May, focuses more directly on the Eucharist (Precious Body and Blood of Christ): Gifts of Bread and Wine, Celebrating, Giving Thanks for Creation and New Life (Eastertime), Sharing and Receiving, Going Forth to make a better World.

For more information please contact the Priest