Confirmation Programme


Confirmation is the final Sacrament of Initiation and completes what was begun in Baptism. In this parish, in order to take part in the Confirmation programme, a candidate must be the second year of secondary school or above. The course begins in September each year and continues until the visit of the Bishop who administers Confirmation. This is usually in April, May or June.

Classes take place on Wednesdays in the school term-time, from 4.45 pm until 6.00. Two ‘Awaydays’ are included, which build upon the work done in the weekly classes. During the course, we examine the fundamentals of the Christian religion. We discuss each topic with a view to helping the candidates come to a more mature understanding of their faith, both as a faith shared by the whole Church and a faith that is personal to them.

It is important that the candidates for Confirmation take part in the course out of their own personal choice, not simply because it is expected or because their parents want them to. Only if there is a definite personal commitment of this nature, is it possible for a candidate to enter fully into the work of preparation and so to maximise the prospects of Sacrament bearing fruit in his or her life.

Please see the Parish Priest for details