Baptism Preparation Course


The baptism preparation course takes place three times a year and is intended to help parents to:

* reflect on their own faith and Christian commitment,

* become more confident in their ability to explain that faith to their children,

* receive the support of a group of parents in similar circumstances,

* deepen their understanding of the meaning of Baptism.

Courses run for up to four weeks, with meetings on Monday evenings from 7.30 p.m. until about 9.00 p.m. The meetings include personal testimony of members of the parish, who have come to faith in Christ by a variety of routes, and also a period of discussion within the group.

Parents wishing to have their children baptised will need to provide a copy of one or both of the parents Baptism Certificate or Confirmation Certificate at the registration evening.

The registration date(s) for the next baptism course will be:

Date & Time: Please ask the Parish Priest 

This will take place in the Church
You will need a Baptism Certificate or Confirmation Certificate to prove catholicity for at least one of the parents, but you can still register even if you have not got one yet.

Parents will also need to arrange a meeting with Fr. Jack after the registration evening for a formal discussion before any classes begin. Alternatively, please see the parish newsletter, contact the parish office (020 7639 1947) or the parish priest (07909 140867).

Please note that from time to time, depending on demand, we also run short courses for children aged 7 – 16 who have not yet been baptised. For those aged 16+, the R.C.I.A is more appropriate


Prerequisites for Sponsors of Baptism (Canon 874)

…The Sponsor must:

a) have completed their 16th year of age , unless the diocesan bishop has
established another age, or the priest has granted an exception for a just

b) be a catholic who had been confirmed and has already received the most
holy sacrament of The Eucharist and leads a life of faith in keeping with the
function to be taken on.

c) not be the father or mother of the one to be baptised.

§  A baptised person who belongs to a non-catholic ecclesial community is not to
participate except together with a Catholic sponsor and then only as a
witness of the baptism


Baptism Certificate Request

If you require a copy of a baptism certificate, you will need to fill out a request form. These can be obtain from the Parish Secretary or from the sacristy. Alternatively you can download it from the link below and post through the letter box of the Presbytery in Friary Road. You can collect from the sacristy or if you wish for it to be mailed to you, please enclose a Stamped, Self-Addressed Envelope with the request.

Please note:
There is a £20.00 administration fee for each copy of a Baptism Certificate.

Baptism Certificate Request Form (pdf)



The Sacramental Symbols of Baptism.

   Blessing and Invocation; The priest or deacon blesses the water
using the sign of the cross. He invokes the Spirit of God to come onto
the water and consecrate it. This makes it Holy so that the person
being baptised will be; “born again of Water and the Spirit”.


Profession of Faith; Baptism brings someone into the community
of Christian People. We faithfully profess that we follow Christ
by proclaiming the ancient Creed of the Church.


   Baptism; The central and most important part of Baptism; Water
There is a threefold pouring over the person to be baptised in the
name of the Holy Trinity; The Father, and the Son, and the Holy
Spirit. The newly bapised in now purified, saved, delivered from evil,
set free and belongs to God.


   Anoiting; Oil is used to sweeten,to strenghen and to render supple
The Church uses consecrated oil for this same purpose in Baptism.
The oil is consecrated each year by the Bishop at the Chrism Mass
on Holy Thursday. The sign of the Cross is traced on the forehead of
the newly baptised. They are now consecrated to the Lord.


   White Garment; Being transformed through baptism, the White
Garment is a sign of newness of life and being ‘Clothed in Christ’.



   Lighted Candle; During Baptisms, the Pschal Candle burns near
the baptismal font. A symbols of the presence of the Risen Lord.
A small candle is used to take a flame from the Paschal Candle and
entrusted to the newly baptised person, through their godparents.
As a community we pray the the flame of faith may be kept alive
until the Lord comes again to call this and all children of light to
join him and all the saints in his heavenly kingdom.